Hi, my name is

 Brett Johnson.

I'm a software engineer living in Seattle, WA. I solo-developed a big, complex video game, along with several unique websites.

And I'm looking for interesting opportunities.

Thousand Threads

I created this complex, positively rated video game over the course of five years. As the sole developer, I was responsible for all programming, design, art, audio, and writing.

About Thousand Threads

Thousand Threads is a beautiful open world game where you deliver mail, find artifacts, help people out, and fend off folks you’ve wronged.

C#, Unity, Shaders | 2015-2020 | Website

The Character AI

An integral part of Thousand Threads is the AI that drives non-player characters (NPCs) to dynamically act and react to what the player and other NPCs do in the world.

Each NPC has their own set of attributes and relationships, along with opinions and goals that change based on what they see and hear about.

If the player attacks someone, that NPC and their friends and family will lower their opinion of you. Some may make plans to take revenge. But if the player begins helping those they've wronged, opinions will shift.

Thousand Threads

Other Custom Systems and Tools

  • Jobs system - The player can accept contract work from NPCs, such as retrieving a stolen item. Jobs can have multiple methods of completion, failure, and betrayal.
  • Animal AI for predators and prey
  • Autosave system
  • Optimized senses systems
  • Compass and waypoint navigation
  • Crafting and item upgrades
  • In-game tools and weapons
  • Aim assist systems
  • Sound and music managers
  • Character model assembler
  • Menus and UI components
  • Text replacement system for localization
  • Build system

More Projects

Open Source Code

Shared several classes and tools to help other developers. Some are fully original while others are fleshing out existing code into more useful components.

C#, Unity | 2015-2020 | Gists, Outliner

Thousand Threads Website

Created an attractive and flexible marketing site to promote Thousand Threads.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript | 2014 | Website, Source


Coded my wife's portfolio website (her design) using Jekyll to allow for simple content updates.

HTML, CSS, Jekyll | 2014 | Website, Source

Cube Run

Developed in two weeks, my first game was featured in the iOS App Store games section at launch (no longer available).

C#, Unity | 2014 | Website

Design by Brett Johnson

Created my design portfolio site and its uncommon UI using JavaScript and several plugins.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript | 2013 | Website, Source

Films by Brett Johnson

Awwwards winning site developed to showcase some of my video side projects.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript | 2012 | Website, Source

Brett Johnson

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